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Boost Laptop Speakers Volume (Windows)

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Computer & Networking

I did this mostly for a friend. How to make your computer have louder speakers. Sorry I sound out of it, but I was running on 4 hours sleep and had a sore th…


UberFile says:

Whoa!! Thank you so much, i’m on a windows 8 and the speakers were so bad
but now they are excellent!! 

Bodimir Boda says:

what to do with pitch shift? answer pls

jamyia patman says:

it worked for a hp

Jaxon Adams says:

works on desktop thanks

David Cameron says:

Thank you, more than doubled my volume, worked a treat 🙂

Joanna z says:

but i dont have immeadiate mode can u help i have windows 7

Ashley Krukowski says:

thank you! my sound sucks and I’m in distance education classes for school
so I can never hear my videos.

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