Apple Mackintosh Asus Samsung Dell Toshiba Chromebook HP Sony Acer


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Dani Novytskyy says:

Acer should be higher than Toshiba

bacca gurrl says:

if i wanted to play minecraft which laptop is the best????

hermitcrabmaster212 says:

asus should be anywhere except 1 2 3 4 or 5.

hermitcrabmaster212 says:


hermitcrabmaster212 says:

man. i like reptiles, that has nothing to do with this, and i think sony is number 1 2

ClashOfClansMania says:

bullshit top 5 laptops are Samsung sony Microsoft dell and apple

LS834 says:

We’re ft did u get ur

modi elmasri says:

MacBook Pro should be 1 st

Pravesh Gautam says:

this video is a piece of cRap

0707andy says:

My Acer is crap,it can’t play Skyrim or anything newer than that.3fps in Portal.(720p,lowest).Heck,I barely get 20fps in Gothic III.Asus are good,not the best tho.Acer isn’t the best either

0707andy says:

No.Too overpriced.It would have been worth it if it had a 1080p screen or if its 900p screen was IPS or something else,basically anything that’s not TN.And another reason it’s not the best gaming laptop,cause it’s not a gaming notebook.It’s a portable gaming notebook
The best gaming PC is a fucking desktop,heck even a 760ti competes with the mobile 780M.

0707andy says:

The 640M is a bad GPU,so yeah it is for low-mid end notebooks.
But I have to agree,MSI is a really good brand.
Acer is only good for low to mid-end notebooks.
HIGH-END notebooks are : pricey ultrabooks(ativ book 9 plus,zenbook infinity,etc), gaming notebooks,and what has the best of both worlds: notebooks like msi gs70,Razer Blade,or Samsung Ativ Book 8 and others.(basically anything that’s thin,looks sexy,has a metal body and a 750M+)

0707andy says:

And Alienware,Sager(Clevo basically , and it’s BUILT not “builded”)
,MSI are totally not world-wide known brands. -.-Fujitsu ain’t known either?Dude,gimme some weed too.

Also,Acer isn’t such a good brand,one of their only good notebooks is the S7.Sony isn’t too good either,and Asus,well it’s good but…whatever it comes to personal preference.Samsung laptops are actually really good.

And you must be a kiddo,or just someone who doesn’t know English very well, as your grammar and spelling suck.

Glenn Canady says:

Anyone looking to buy a laptop should definitely check out this site: desktopdirect1.mybigcommerce(dot)com/. I got my daughter a MacBook for $600, the prices are ridiculous.

ReloadedBlueHD says:

Khm…Intel i7 for low performance??GeForce GT640m for low performance?Dude BOTH brands are great..I have Acer and i am not very very happy with it..But i can still play Crysis 3 and BF3..:D

TheGeekDionysus says:

Acer is good for low-cost laptops, they have a good design, I agree !
But for performance, no, Acer doesn’t have a high-end laptops, the MSI gaming series makes the cheapest gaming laptops 😉

DerpPro0 says:

made a mistake acer should be #1 and asus should be worst because my asus is crap

ReloadedBlueHD says:

The best gaming laptop in 2013 is Razer blade..:D

ReloadedBlueHD says:

FUCK..i made a mistake..V5 not V8..XD

ReloadedBlueHD says:

Acer beat MSI becouse it got better design and performance..:P

ReloadedBlueHD says:

Acer is the best..Becouse it is cheap but its got great performance(Aspire V8, 5750zg and many other)

armenskkultur says:

acer is best

tristan silverstein says:

where the crome?

Calm LivePono says:

Asus G75VW Best gaming laptop IMO 🙂

Moabman247 says:

Asus all the way!

Moabman247 says:

Alienware is dell dell bought it out. So if u think Alienware should be #1 think again

ivangode8 says:

msi is good for gaming, but it has an horrible design

TheGeekDionysus says:

msi is one of the best brands ever, and Acer is not that much good

TheKDBomb says:

Ibuypower <3

Zaid Abunamous says:

And hp

Zaid Abunamous says:

Dell and acer sucks

Zaid Abunamous says:

Toshiba is the best

Zaid Abunamous says:

Will I agree but I dont like mac but use mac but do not have it it sucks

Mark Guts says:

i think alienware should be first place #1 🙂 “_”

abdelghani mansor says:

You forgot msi !
that are one of the best notebooks

teknoparkincelemeleri teknopark says:

Number 1 ! Toshiba Number 2 ! Sony Vaio ! 😀

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